Who trusts what?

pj_14.10.21_mediapolarization-01So who trusts what news source?  Here’s a graphic composed by PEW listing the most common sources of our news and ranks these sources according to trust level.  No surprise that all of the mainstream media made the cut, but what I found really surprising is who outranks who above the cut.  For instance, The Economist, is the most trusted news source according to the poll.  I read that rag and I’m surprised by this…after all…they routinely get it wrong.  Oh well, what do I know…so who do you trust?

2 thoughts on “Who trusts what?”

  1. I can’t get it focused on my phone. I don’t really trust any of them anymore after the Bryan Williams lie. BTW this is Chris L. One of your dads friends on f.b.

  2. Trust no one. The same people controlling the news control the history books. A wise man once said the victor writes the history.

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