The Hog Hunt

Several months ago, I decided to go it along one evening.  I had spent most of the day on my land prepping it for an upcoming weekend of hunting.  The sun had set and it was pretty dark.  I had just finished loading the last feeder and had walked back up the hill to a blind.  For those that don’t know me, this is quite an accomplishment for me given that a few months prior, I had both hips replaced with artificial joints.

I eased myself into the blind and closed the door.  Yes it’s one of those fancy blinds complete with windows and cushy chairs.  I turned the heater on and kicked back in one of the chairs to catch my breath and have a quick drink of water.  It was a cloudy night and it was very dark.  I know I’ve already said this but I won’t to emphasize that it was so dark, you couldn’t see more than a couple feet in front of you.

I sat there for about an hour, my wife called and wanted to know if  I was okay.  I told her yep and that I would be headed home soon.  I stood up and stretched realizing that my old body was stiffer and more sore than it should be at my age but I accepted it.  I opened the door and felt the cold north wind blowing in my face.  I could hear the coyotes yelping in the distance and I was not looking forward to the long walk back up to the cabin where I had parked my truck.  Before exiting the blind, I took my handheld spotlight and shined it down the hill towards the feeder to see if anything was out and about.  You can only imagine my surprise when I saw something looking back at me.

I stand 6′ 4″ tall and about 50 feet in front of me were these two piercing fiery red eyes staring right back at me and they were as tall as I was.  The darkness gulped my spotlight so the only thing I could see was dark shadows and those eyes.  I’m a religious man…a Christian.  I would swear I was looking at the devil myself.  I dropped the light and grabbed my old Henry .44 mag rifle from my shoulder and swung it up in the direction of whatever beast was looking at me.  Almost immediately, I was charged by a large 400+ pound boar hog.  It came running up that hill at a pace I had not ever seen before.  It was squealing and grunting and in my opinion was telling me that it was gonna eat me that night.

I waited until the hog was withing about 10 feet from me when I let go with a shot.  The old Henry didn’t fail me.  The bullet caught the boar hog right between his eyes and he dove head first into the sandy soil less than 5 feet from me.  I sat back down on the blind step.  A few minutes went by and I heard it let it’s last breath let go.  I could see the steam rising off it’s head and the pool of blood forming beneath it.

I walked over to the hog and bent down to check it out.  I’ll post a picture of it later on.  Words won’t do it justice.