BATFE threatens to ban all ARs

Wow….just wow!  Last week the ATF said they would no longer consider banning M855 ammo because of the public outcry in conjunction with the Congressional backlash. That’s a good thing….or was it a ploy…now the director is saying the intent is to ban all AR 15 ammo….when will these bozos learn?

The Constitution is very specific about unabridged freedom concerning the 2nd Amendment. It’s almost as if they are trying to entice a confrontation. I was always taught that the simplest explanation tends to be the most truthful explanation. Can it get any simpler than this administration trying to reduce the ability of the American people to protect itself from Tyranny? 

What are your thoughts? Comments welcomed.

Who trusts what?

pj_14.10.21_mediapolarization-01So who trusts what news source?  Here’s a graphic composed by PEW listing the most common sources of our news and ranks these sources according to trust level.  No surprise that all of the mainstream media made the cut, but what I found really surprising is who outranks who above the cut.  For instance, The Economist, is the most trusted news source according to the poll.  I read that rag and I’m surprised by this…after all…they routinely get it wrong.  Oh well, what do I know…so who do you trust?

Double Standards

What’s a double standard mean to you?  To me, it means two different people getting treated differently for doing the same thing.  Take for instance what’s going on in the news today about known other than Hillary Clinton and General Petraeus.  On the one hand, a decorated military veteran, a member of the President’s cabinet, is forced to resign and then accept a plea deal because he failed to follow security protocol concerning classified information.  On the other hand, former Secretary of State Clinton is accused (and admits) to using her own private email to conduct official state business because are you ready for this…everyone else did it and no classified info was ever transmitted.

Here’s the problem I have with both excuses.  First, they are just excuses.  Second, just because someone else did it doesn’t make it right.  Lastly, are we to believe that one of the most powerful persons in the United States relied on only her private email server for all email communications never once in her tenure ever transmitted classified information.  I doubt that!  In fact, I believe that she kept her own email server so that she could control access to her communications.  Come on, we didn’t just fall off the turnip truck!  We know the real deal.  What really blows my mind is her knee jerk excuse to wit: I figured that everyone I emailed had official government email addresses and since I was emailing those addresses, a record of the communication would be kept.

Now let that sink in for a moment….she just admitted she did it.  She also admitted that she conducted official business using her private email.  Further, she believes those emails were important enough to be archived in someone’s database.  Yet…she says she never wrote about classified business.  All I can say is that if that’s true….Washington DC and the State Department has bigger problems than we suspect.

I would love to hear your thoughts!