No Sheep

Don’t be a sheep!  I still remember this sentence like it was yesterday although it was first spoken to me more than thirty years ago.  Today it means so much more than what the original sentence meant.  Back then it meant don’t me a follower.  Today it means don’t be misled.  What’s the difference you ask?

Back in the day, we weren’t so much concerned with a constant barrage of lies and untruths.  Today, honesty is not the norm.  I’m not implying that people didn’t lie back in my youth.  What I am saying is that lies weren’t so commonplace.  What has changed you may ask?

There are many answers I suppose but I always tend to come back to the lack of morality.  Lack of morality isn’t to be confused with the absence of morality.  I still believe there is innate sense of truth and honor within each of us.  What I don’t believe is that people today understand the difference between doing the right thing and doing what is right for them specifically.  Sure, everyone knows they shouldn’t steal but they many folks do it anyways.  We aren’t supposed to murder either, but sadly, we still have more murders than we should.  When it comes to politics, we always knew that some politicians were liars and others were not.  Today, I think its a case of all politicians are liars, some just more severe and cunning than others.

So don’t be sheep today.  Question authority.  Ask for proof.  Demand and practice morality.  It does make a difference in our society.

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